Atlantic Counselling strives to assist people whose emotional, social and/or physical functioning has been negatively affected through Addictions, Mental Health issues, Trauma or Relationship Difficulties.

This professional practice offers a quiet, inviting atmosphere where clients can feel free to discuss their issues in a respectful, sensitive and confidential environment. Therapeutic intervention is provided on an Individual, Couple and Family basis.

Every attempt is made to ensure and maintain a client's privacy and client feedback is continually welcomed.

A client may avail of services by contacting this office directly or through a third party (e.g., Employee Assistance Coordinator). Therapy will commence with an Initial Assessment which will assist the Therapist in developing a treatment plan that considers the unique needs of each client. There is a strong focus on establishing a trusting relationship as well as assisting a client in identifying his/her strengths and inner resources to assist them in reaching their therapy goals. Subsequent sessions can then be arranged on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

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